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Drive-Up ATMs

Take advantage of drive-up ATMs at our branch locations. Available 24/7 for your convenience.

Direct Deposit

Get your time back. Never worry about getting to the bank to make a deposit. Direct deposit is quick and easy. Relax knowing that your account has already been credited.

Deposits are made electronically and may be performed by your employer, pension plan administrator, or the Social Security Administration. It's safe, quick, and convenient. 

Safe Deposit Boxes

Security Bank customers can store documents, jewelry, and other valuables at our safe deposit boxes, located at our branch locations. Access to safe deposit boxes is available during normal business hours.

Contents are not insured or guaranteed by the bank, the FDIC, or by any other government agency.

Notary Services

Security Bank offers notary public services at our branch locations. Notary public services are always available during normal office hours. 

Wire Transfer Service

There are many reasons you might need to move money from your account with us to another banking institution immediately. We're here to help. Security Bank can execute a wire transfer for you. Safe, fast and trackable, wire transfers executed by your community bank are a safer alternative to dealing with commercial businesses and individuals you might not know. 

Night Depository

Make deposits according to your schedule. Every Security Bank branch has a night depository for you to deposit cash or checks after normal banking hours.