EMV Debit Card

What is EMV?

EMV stands for Europay®, Mastercard®, Visa®. This card technology has been adopted in over 80 countries, globally, including Canada, the countries in Europe, Latin America, and Asia. It is the chip you now see on new debit and credit cards. The chip on your card is embedded with encoded account information.

What's the importance of EMV?

By using an EMV chip card, you're taking an important step in further protecting your personal and financial data. The chip technology provides an extra layer of security, protecting your card information when used to make purchases at EMV-enabled terminals.

How do you use an EMV Card?

When you use your card at an EMV- enabled merchant's terminal, you will insert the card into the terminal and leave it there until the transaction is complete. You may be asked to provide a signature or Personal Identification Number (PIN), as well. If you're making a purchase with a merchant who is not EMV-enabled, you can still use your new debit card! In these cases, you'll simply swipe the magnetic strip through their terminal to complete your transaction.