personal line of credit

Personal Line of Credit


A personal line of credit is like having your own personal banker standing there, ready to give you money when needed. Once you're pre-approved, you can access funds up to that amount anytime, without any paperwork or trips to the bank.

Spend it all at once or as you see fit. Pay it off and use it as often as you like — a line of credit gives you the flexibility and control to be ready for anything.


  • Use for most anything
  • Competitive rates
  • Access funds as you need it, when you need it
  • Pay interest on only what you use
  • Spend it all at once or here and there
  • Pay it off and use it again with no need to re-apply
  • Call us to discuss using a Personal Line of Credit as overdraft protection

Protect Your Accounts and Your Credit

Make sure your check card purchases are protected from overdraft by attaching a line of credit to your account. If your balance is too low, you can still make the transaction — we'll automatically pull funds from your line to cover it. It's that easy!