Account Takeover

Account Takeover

Security Bank recommends that consumer and commercial account holders be vigilant in monitoring account activity. By consistently monitoring your own account activity, you are able to detect anomalies or potential fraud prior to or early into an electronic robbery.

With Security Bank's Online Banking you can set up email alerts regarding activity on your account that can assist in potentially identifying unauthorized activity. Additionally, Security Bank's Debit Card Fraud Alerts (SMS Guardian™) is designed to alert you of transactions that the bank perceives as out of your normal activities.

Warning signs visible that your system/network may have compromised include:

  • Inability to log into online banking (thieves could be blocking customer access so the customer won't see the theft until the criminals have control of the money);
  • Dramatic loss of computer speed;
  • Changes in the way things appear on the screen;
  • Computer locks up so the user is unable to perform any functions;
  • Unexpected rebooting or restarting of the computer;
  • Unexpected request for a one time password (or token) in the middle of an online session;
  • Unusual pop-up messages, especially a message in the middle of a session that says the connection to the bank system is not working (system unavailable, down for maintenance, etc.);
  • New or unexpected toolbars and/or icons; and
  • Inability to shut down or restart the computer.

Perform a risk assessment to identify threats and measure your controls.

Commercial Internet Banking Risk Assessment