Our Story

Customer-oriented, solution-driven

We focus on creating solutions that make it easier for businesses like yours to succeed. Smart alternatives that meet your needs in unexpected ways. Innovative conveniences that tap the power of the latest technologies. Prompt answers. Time-saving conveniences. High interest checking accounts. Complete solutions that make your business run smoothly.


We are the leading provider of small business solutions, understanding the needs of businesses throughout the region like no one else. We are Texas, born and bred, and we've been here for more than 88 years. Our heritage gives us the wisdom to carry forward into the next generation to serve and build a solid environment in which businesses can thrive.

Committed to success

Like your company, Security Bank is built on a bedrock of values like integrity, performance, independence, dedication and a passion to serve. So we desire nothing more than to be your business partner. A dedicated relationship team that ensures you have everything you need. A committed partner helping you to be successful. And a fine-tuned focus on your success that makes Security Bank so different from all others.