Alex Singh

"Having spent over 15 years in hotel construction and operations, I needed a bank that would provide solutions to start a business from scratch and see it grow successful. I have banked with Security since 2002 for that very reason. The personal assistance they provide is key for us. What a fantastic group of bankers!"

-Alex Singh, Owner, Comfort Inn & Suites

Linda Freeman

"We choose to do all of our personal and business banking with Security Bank. It's locally owned, and its employees are always there for us with solutions and helpful attitudes. Because of their local representation and great service, we get everything we need from Security."

-Linda Freeman, Owner, Run This Way

Terry Johnson

"Before Security I had never dealt with a financial institution that took the time to really sit down and analyze our financial condition, making solid recommendations along with offering financing and other services to allow our company to capitalize on opportunities. That is why we have been doing business with Security Bank for over 5 years now. I personally enjoy the relationship we have with every member of the bank from our loan officer, to the tellers and all who help us become successful in our efforts"

-Terry Johnson, President, TCO Field Service, Inc.

David Grosse

"The level of service and commitment at Security Bank makes doing business with them easy and enjoyable. They've gone out of their way to give us the quality time and financing solutions we've needed to grow and keep growing."

-David Grosse, Owner and President, First Service

Roberto Navarrete

"We've banked with Security Bank since we were established in 1980. With everything from loans and lines of credit to cash management and merchant services, their friendly bankers have helped keep our business running successfully."

-Roberto Navarrete, Owner, Roberto's Backhoe Service

Eddy Shelton

"Having banked with Security Bank for more than 10 years, I've watched them grow with leadership and wisdom, integrity and character. To have a bank that sees a need and provides a service without even asking shows they have a true concern for my business."

-Eddy Shelton, President, Apple Electrical, Inc.

Rick Gasser

"Through the years, Security Bank has been there to help us when we needed them most—from our cash flow needs and other financing to cash management and more. I place a high level of confidence and trust in them through the relationship we've been able to build."

-Rick Gasser, Owner, West Texas Plastics, Inc.

Roger M. Turner

"Security Bank has been there with cash flow solutions when oil prices hit rock bottom in the late '90s, and they're here with us now for all our needs, through any highs or lows of the industry. With their support, we'll be able to meet all opportunities head on. Security Bank is my bank. The only bank!"

-Roger M. Turner, President, Diamond Tank Rental, Inc.

Don Bigbie

"Security Bank has the financial security, flexibility, and stability I need as a business owner. The entire bank staff provides friendly service at all times, and they've been there to accommodate every financing need I've had efficiently and adequately."

-Don Bigbie, Owner, Legacy Harley-Davidson, LTD

Michael Hamilton

"With the magnitude of our projects, it's been great to have Security Bank at our side. They've taken the red tape out of getting financing and replaced it with peace of mind and a solid personal relationship that makes it easy to do business."

-Michael Hamilton, Owner/President, Rig Technology, Inc.

Dan Schneemann

"I have been with Security and have had the same loan officer for 25 years. The consistency and stability of having a bank that's grown as I've grown, that's been there through all the ups and downs of the economy and ranching industry...it goes a long way."

-Dan Schneemann, Way and Schneemann, Schneemann Ranches, Mad Dog Livestock